Can A Cortisol Weight Loss Product Really Help You Lose Weight?

Breakthroughs in science have led to the discovery of the cortisol weight loss product. The basic purpose of the cortisol weight loss product is to reduce the body's production of cortisone, which is believed to be responsible for weight gain caused by stress. Before you jump to conclusions, however, it's important to note that cortisol is not entirely bad. In fact, your body needs it for basic emergency response.

About cortisol

Cortisol, the main ingredient in any cortisone weight loss product, is also known as the stress hormone. It is responsible for the way the body responds to stress. Usually in small doses, it helps keep your body's proper physical functions. Whenever there is a psychological or physical threat, the hormone is released in larger amounts. This gives your body a sudden burst of energy, along with other physical changes to allow your body to fight or run better. After the stressful event, the body goes back to its relaxed state and all the systems function normally again.

Stress and cortisol

When you experience chronic stress, your body tends to produce more cortisol and your body refuses to go back to its relaxed state. The high cortisol levels can lead to weight gain, specifically in the abdomen. Also, some people respond to stress by binging on comfort foods that are typically fatty and rich in carbohydrates, which leads to further weight gain.

Increased metabolism

Adrenaline works by making you more alert and energetic, which results in an increased metabolism. Cortisol, on the other hand, helps your body become more effective in glucose production that comes from protein. This helps your body to quickly increase its energy levels whenever it faces stress.

What the experts are saying

Experts believe that living in a modern and fast-paced world increases our stress levels, and our body keeps it that way for longer durations. They believe that this is the primary reason for excess glucose production and consistently high cortisol levels. Because cortisol stimulates glucose production, it is easily converted into fat, which ends up getting stored instead of burned.

The research on fat

Studies reveal that with too much adrenaline, the fat cells can become resistant to its effects. This can lead to the fat cells becoming unresponsive to any kind of adrenal stimulation to release the fat. In addition to that, the glucose created by high cortisol causes the fat cells to be stored in the abdominal area, where they can cause even more harm. Abdominal obesity is known to increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome.

What's in a pill?

Cortislim, an example of a cortisol weight loss products, contains ingredients that can suppress the production of cortisol in the body. One such ingredient is magnolia bark, also known as "honokiol". In small doses, it can help reduce stress and anxiety without any sedative side effects. Large doses can act as an effective sedative, although not as powerful as valium.

The effect the a cortisol weight loss product is backed by a number of laboratory studies. Honokiol is considered an effective anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) agent, but there is no scientific evidence to verify its effectiveness against chronic stress. Cortisol products may also contain chromium, green tea, vanadyl, and banaba leaves. They work effectively in stabilizing a body's blood sugar levels while moderating its reaction towards insulin.

Another ingredient you can find in a cortisol weight loss product is bitter orange. It has been standardized for the gentler form of ephedra known as synephrine. However, there is not much validity on the benefits of synephrine on the person using it.

For weight loss?

A cortisol weight loss product may be helpful for some people, but not for others. Before taking any cortisol weight loss product, you must consult your doctor to see if it will work for you. You should also remember that there is no easy way to lose weight; it takes a great amount of motivation and action on your part. Diet and exercise remain the best ways to lose weight for the long term.

As for cortisol, it is not a bad hormone, but it is not a magic pill for weight loss. It is still important that you find ways to control your stress levels to reduce anxiety. Exercise is a good way to release endorphines, the so-called "happy hormones", which are also effective reducing stress and anxiety levels.